But your best friend is still your best friend. Even from half a world away. Distance can’t sever that connection. Best friends are the kind of people who can survive anything. And when best friends see each other again, after being separated by half a world and more miles than you think you can bear, you pick up right where you left off. After all, that’s what best friends do.

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April 18, 1971

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Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain

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My only goal in life is to be as sarcastic as him

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That’s awesome!!! <3

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name: Sarah
birthday: August 18
zodiac: Leo
single or taken: Sadly single
height: 5’10”
eye color: Brown
middle name: Elizabeth
favorite color: Green
lucky number: I don’t really have one


hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
favorite fictional character: Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty, Hermione Granger, Ten, The Master,e tc.
favorite television show:  Sherlock, Doctor Who, Impractical Jokers
favorite season: Fall
describe yourself in a few words: Shy, quiet, musical, intelligent
future children’s names: I like Anna, Christine, James, Jade, Olivia, and so on
meaning of your name: Princess

ultimate otp: JIMLOCK
what do you plan to/do for a living: Teach
starbucks order: skinny vanilla latte


introvert or extrovert: Introvert
dawn or dusk: Dusk
righty or lefty: Righty

coffee or tea: coffee
rain or shine: shine
reading or writing: Both

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if painting your nails make you feel better, do it. if putting stickers on personal items makes you feel better, do it. if drawing shippy or kinky or silly or emotional things make you feel better, do it. if there is something that makes you feel better, even just a little bit, just fuckin do it

dont be embarrassed about what self care means to you. self care is important, and so are you

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if the broadway and theatre community dislikes bootlegs so much and don’t want people filming their shows they need to work on making theatre a more accessible form of media by filming shows professionally because you know they talk a lot about being a very open welcoming community but don’t do anything to make that community welcoming to people who can’t afford to see shows or people who live in rural areas and are literally unable to attend shows at all

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